Creative Director of Chloe Leaving on June 1st

This morning via twitter and the brand’s website Chloe has announced that current creative director Hannah McGibbon would be replaced by Clare Waight Keller as of June 1st. This comes as a shock to the fashion world because McGibbon has been with Chloe for 10 years, however,  after Chloe’s fall 2011 show in Paris this year many industry insiders were disappointed with the line.

Look from Chloe’s Fall 2011 show:

McGibbon took a creative risk by implementing the use of snake skin in a maximized way to spice up Chloe’s laid-bakck bohemian vibe. It seems that McGibbon’s creative risk backfired as she was given mixed results after the show in Paris and now with this development that she will be leaving the label altogether.  Clare Waight Keller, the woman replacing McGibbon has been the creative director of Pringle of Scotland. Keller is the woman who reinvented Pringle of Scotland, making it an “it” label all over again. Keller will bring a new attitude to Chloe which will be needed to save face for the label in the next round of fashion shows–upcoming in the fall.

Here’s a look at Keller’s creative work–Pringle of Scotland’s fall 2011 show:

McGibbon is said to be happy to leave Chloe and embark upon other fashion endeavors. The timing for McGibbon to be out of work is perfect because two great labels: Gianfranco Ferre and Cacharel are seeking new creative directors. Maybe McGibbon can take her talents there or work on projects label to label. While, it is uncertain where  she will end up I think it can be said that she will find a place to use her creative talents.


Best Met Gala Costumes!

These are not ranking in order…these are just the dresses I think took the cake at last night’s event!

SARAH JESSICA PARKER photo | Sarah Jessica ParkerASHLEY GREENE photo | Ashley Greene

           Shown above: Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen and Ashley Greene in  Donna Karan

GWYNETH PALTROW photo | Gwyneth PaltrowDIANE KRUGER photo | Diane Kruger

                      Shown above: Gweneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney and Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

SALMA HAYEK photo | Salma Hayek

                                                                   Shown above: Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

ZOE SALDANA photo | Zoe SaldanaLEA MICHELE photo | Lea Michele

                                  Shown above: Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein Collection and Lea Michele in Escada

CLAIRE DANES photo | Claire DanesShown above: Claire Danes in Calvin Klein Collection

CIARA photo | CiaraEMMA ROBERTS photo | Emma Roberts

                                           Shown above: Ciara in Prabal Gurung and Emma Roberts in Michael Kors

                                                               Shown above: Jessica Stam in Tommy Hilfiger

                                                                                         Shown above: Bar Refaeli

New Shots for Dior Addict’s Ads with Kate Moss!

Dior launched a new host of ads for their new line of  Dior Addict Lipstick. Kate Moss is used exclusively in all of the ads. The ad campaign first launched with a 90 second video. The video depicts Moss living a lush lifestyle in the spotlight, words like “Be iconic” flash across the screen as a reminder of who Kate is in the modeling world and the affect the lipstick should have on the person who’s wearing it. The video also shows Moss seductively putting on the lipstick which leads to a transformation into a seductive and confident attitude. Towards the end, Kate says the only line in the short film “A girl can’t make an entrance without her lipstick.” This line suggests to consumers that by purchasing Dior Addict Lipstick any girl can make a show-stopping entrance. The film has been complemented with new shots for magazines and billboards.


New Shots added to the campaign

\dior Kate Moss for Dior Addict Campaign by David Sims

dior2 Kate Moss for Dior Addict Campaign by David Sims

The new ad campaign shots are amazing! Her look is gorgeous–long flowing hair, cat eyes and the bright pink lips recreate Moss as the glamorous celebrity the video is portraying. Additionally, Kate looks like an iconic, show-stopping woman which is fitting for what the ad is trying to accomplish. Dior chose the perfect woman and created the perfect ad to sell a product that is intended to make all women iconic.

Do the views of the Artist change the Quality of the Arts?

When one thinks of art, do they think of how the artist’s personal views, thoughts, and influences affect their work? The world of high-fashion was held aghast by a controversy that became the talk of the town for Paris Fashion Week—the case is currently still ongoing with Galliano’s court case coming in the month of June. John Galliano, the creative director of Christian Dior and the fashion world’s most provocative designer,  was accused of making anti-Semitic comments. The accusations prompted Dior to suspend Galliano until further notice; even though the Dior line was to show in Paris soon. Within days of the controversy and Galliano’s suspension a video taken from within the La Perla café in Paris where the incident took place went viral. The video prompted Dior to fire Galliano ending a partnership that has existed since he came on as creative director in 1996.

There has been debate over the short video (it last for 40 seconds) as to whether or not Galliano really believes the comments that he made. This has been said because it is inherently obvious that he is under the influence of alcohol during the video. However, with or without the presence of alcohol the comments made by Galliano contained strong views and are without a doubt offensive and prejudicial.

While, Galliano awaits trial in Paris sometime in June, the fashion world and its audience are mobilizing. Recently, on March 16, 2011 Saks Fifth Avenue – the only US retailer to sell Galliano’s clothing (that isn’t associated with Dior) has pulled it from the sales floor. This recent event has also cost Dior a big celebrity client: Natalie Portman recently had a debut ad series for “Miss Dior” perfume has asked that her ads be pulled due to the comments Galliano made. Portman has been quoted saying “In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in anyway.” Galliano has pushed away celebrities and fashion buyers from Dior as well as his own name entitled line.

Industry icons such Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, designer Roberto Cavalli, and model Jessica Stam all have conflicting views on the issue. Some see it as a terrible, but tragic event while others believe he was provoked and not an anti-Semite at all.

One thing remains certain: while people in the industry have conflicting thoughts about his actions there is no confusion about the art he produced for the Paris show. Fashion reviewers, bloggers, magazine editors and magazine readers all agree “…it was hard to deny that the pieces themselves were truly exquisite.”

People in the fashion industry all had a tough decision to make when the Galliano line was going to be shown—attend or don’t attend. Many made the option to do so because Galliano has “built a reputation in the fashion industry as a showman with a knack for the theatrical…” In other words Galliano is known for making transformative art that captivates the audience.

It would seem that the personal views of the artist do not change the quality of the arts. The industry was taken aback by the simplistic, yet over-the-top looks that were in the collection. While, all did not approve of Galliano’s comments, the one thing they approved of was his ability to make the runway an art museum. Perhaps, the collection has shown that his creative mind was not tainted by his inner prejudicial thoughts. And that the personal views of an artist not always tantamount to the final result of their artistic abilities.

Kate Moss Naked on the cover of Vogue Brazil

Kate Moss at age 37 is still one of the most loved supermodels around the world. She most recently caused a stir when she walked the Louis Vutton Fall 2011 ready-to-wear show showing cellulite–something totally appropriate for a woman her age with a kid–in the bondage influenced outfit that she wore to close the show.

Moss in the final look on the runway:

kate moss cellulite

Moss was criticized for not having the perfect supermodel body she once had at a much younger age. The criticism seemed utterly unfair when you look at her age and the fact that she’s had a child. Other women her age or even younger are plagued with cellulite, the only, they’re not in the spotlight. The outrage over Moss’ body appearance is evidence that the fashion industry is often overly critical and unrealistic. Despite all of the outrage Kate Moss has landed naked on the cover of Vogue Brazil. Vogue is one of the most critical magazines in the industry, if they’re okay with it, it’s safe to say that women need not worry about something like cellulite–even gorgeous supermodels have it too!

Perfect for Preppy Summer Style: Tommy Hilfiger’s “The Hilfiger’s” Ad

Tommy Hilfiger first launched an ad campaign called “The Hilfiger’s” just in time for the begining of the fall season. I’ve always thought the ads were cute, so I was really ecstatic when I opened my May issue of Vogue and saw an ad with the family in summer gear. While, I love high fashion clothing, I would ultimately define my style as preppy with a fashionable twist. For that reason, I have been loving these ads because it reminds me of my summer days back home in NYC.

Ad Campaign below:

Meet The Hilfigers

This ad is the epitome of prep. The men are all in crisp khaki shorts ranging from tan, blue even to a raspberry pink. Paired with khaki blazers or cable knit sweaters with button-up shirts underneath. The women are in crisp white shirts, shorts, dresses and a bathing suit with a cute cover up. Each female look is paired with a cute sun-hat and aviator sunglasses. The ad’s setting is on a tennis court which is obviously at a country club where these fashionable prepsters would be spending summer days. I just love the way the ad oozes prep simply because it reminds me of the summer pieces I own in my closet. All of these looks are realistic and cute for day and night which is the best part!

Must-Have Shoes this Spring: Wedge Espadrilles

Espadrilles are making a come-back this Spring! I remember the last time Espadrilles were the fashion favorite shoe–May 2005. It was my 8th grade graduation and I begged my mom for a pair of espadrille wedges to wear with the dress I had under my gown. Now in 2011 Espadrilles are bigger than ever. This summer the shoe that you’ll be wearing with your maxi dress aren’t gladiators or flip-flops, you’ll be dressing up the look with fabulous wedge espadrilles.